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      • Ayurvedic Massage
      • Apricot Hair Oil Massage
      • Aroma Massage
      • Ayurvedic Hair Oil Massage
      • Back and Shoulder Massage
      • Body Firming Massage with Fresh Apricot Scrub and Warm Milk
      • Champs Massage [4-14]
      • Marma Massage
      • Rasa Apricot and Milk Massage [F]
      • Rasa Hair Oil Massage [F]
      • Rasa Rejuvenating Body Massage [M]
      • Rasa Relaxing and Rejuvenating Body Massage [F]
      • Rasa Shahi Head Massage [F]
      • Soothing Spa Hand Massages
      • Swedish Massage
      • Thai Massage
      • Traditional Head Massage
      • Vanya Signature Massage
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      • Kizh Ayurvedic Massage
      • Udavartana Ayurvedic Massage
      • Kativasti Ayurvedic Massage
      • Thai Royal Massage
      • FOS Signature Massage
      • On wings Of song Massage
      • Shape up Massage
      • Pain Easer Massage
      • Chakra Energy Massage
      6 more
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      • Ayurvedic Massage
      • Oil Aroma Massage
      • Aroma Massage
      • Swedish Massage
      • Marma Massage
      • Relaxation Massage
      • Deep Tissue Massage
      • Fusion Massage
      • Lomi Lomi Massage
      • Scrub Massage
      • Fruit Massage
      8 more
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      • Ayurvedic Massage [F]
      • Thai Massage [F]
      • Deep Tissue Massage [F]
      • Indonesian Massage [F]
      • Swedish Massage [F]
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      • Milk and almond back & shoulder scrub+Swedish massage+Fresh fruit facial masque | INR 2000+
      • Waxing full arms & half legs+Manicure or Pedicure+Facial+Head massage+Eyebrow Th | INR 2500+
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