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Aluva Kerala India
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      • ThailaDhara Curative Therapy
      • Daranaka chikista (Anti Dandruff Therapy)
      • Garba Samskara Curative Therapy
      • JanuVasthy Curative Therapy
      • Kadi Vasthy Curative Therapy
      • Kizhi - Neck & Shoulder therapy
      • Kizhi Curative Therapy
      • Marma Therapy (Deep Tissue)
      • Nirvana Signature Therapy
      • Podi Thirummu (Inch-loss) Curative Therapy
      • Raksha Thirummu Curative Therapy
      • ThakraDhara Curative Therapy
      • Thalam Curative Therapy
      10 more
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